Saturday, March 19, 2011

Platt Family

Platts 1 (3) copy
This family and I faced were against all odds on picture day.  First off, a wedding was taking place in my usual spot where I like to take pictures so we had to improvise, which can be hard when taking pictures with a large family.  Second, I swear it was the coldest day of the year!  At the end of the shoot my fingers were frozen; not to mention a few sick people with several young babies in the cold while taking pictures just don’t mix.  But sometimes its those pictures of grandma and grandpa with all the grandkids, even though they are crying are just great.
Platts 1 (13) copyPlatts 1 (25) copy
I love how petite and playful this mom is I just had to add in this pic.  I ended up taking individual family pictures of everyone but didn’t want to leave any out because of how long this post would have to be, so I stuck with these few, enjoy!
   Platts 1 (16) copy

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