Monday, April 16, 2012

Sneak Peek Melisa

Watch out for moving trains!!
Melisa, her mom and I learned that the hard way as we were taking her senior pictures on this old train bridge at Tempe Town Lakes.  We both thought it was not a working train anymore but we were dead wrong.
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We now like to think of it as an adventure, on Friday the 13th  mind you.
Yes, there were some scary moments in our photo shoot where we had to literally run 100 feet forward to get off the bridge first before we  could get off the train tracks for safety, but we also had a lot of fun capturing Melisa’s bubbly personality.
What we’ll do for a great shot right?
Ok not a such a great moment, but now I can check off my bucket list, not that it was ever on there to begin with, sheesh.
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Seniors are a lot of fun to photograph.

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I love a good black and white!

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