Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Brittyn


It’s been a parade of the nieces!!  It’s been so fun to take pictures of all these cute girls, and Brittyn is just as cute as the rest of them.

_MG_8248_edited-1_MG_8249 copy_MG_8252_edited-1_MG_8256_edited-1

Mom was so happy to find out that she was finally having a girl after three boys. 

_MG_8269 copy 3_MG_8295_edited-1_MG_8336 copy 2_MG_8344 copy 2_MG_8353 copy 2_MG_8376 copy_MG_8360_edited-1_MG_8377 copy_MG_8383_edited-1_MG_8392_edited-1_MG_8428 copy

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