Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adorable Family

Richardson (23)
Another cute family, how do I get so lucky. I love what this mom did with her families outfits.  Simple, bright and brought texture through pattern and accessories.  It made for a great photo shoot.
Richardson (14)
She had just turned 12 and her mom wanted some extra cute shots, I think we got some.
Richardson (11)Richardson (16)Richardson (31) (210 of 236) copyRichardson (26)
  Richardson (27)

Richardson (3)
This little guy turned ONE!!  I had fun with color playing around with these pictures.
Richardson (6)                                     Richardson (4)Richardson (37)
I couldn’t get enough of those baby blue eyes and I’m a sucker for a good black and white, I had to add another picture.
Richardson (36)

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