Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

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I’ve known Monet’s family since I was 12, so I felt honored when they had asked me to take their pictures for them when they come out of the temple, and a few family pictures on their special day.  They are a gorgeous couple and I’m a complete sucker for these black and whites.
(25 of 579) copy 3(34 of 579)_edited-1 copyWe did it!  We are married!!
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I love this picture for so many reasons…. 
1.  All the attention is focused on the bride and groom. 
2.  They are kissing, gotta love it!
3.  The mom giving a thumbs up!
4.  The real reason…the  kids and the grandpa having no clue what is going on and are still smiling and looking straight at the camera.  Love it!
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No these are not all their kids; not yet at least, just kidding.    It is their nieces and nephews  and it was a feat to get them all looking in the same direction, I think we did a good job here capturing their attention.  Doesn’t it look like Monet is going to make a great mom.

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Now get this, the bride and her sister both married brothers.  How fun is that.

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I love the picture above and the ones below.  It captured such a sweet tender moment, that I will always hold dear.
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And so… they lived happily ever after…
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  1. These are wonderful! Glad that you posted them so more could enjoy that day. You do have a lovely touch in your photography Liz!