Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sneak Peak {Cassie and Kyle}

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I was honored when Cassie had asked me to take her engagement photos, we’ve been friends since 7th grade! I can’t even tell you how many sleepovers we had, I remember a summer we alternated going to each others houses each night, ahh good times. 
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I had a lot of fun playing around with the colors on their photos.  If that is something you are interested let me know before your photo shoot.
(72 of 643) copy.(109 of 643) copy 3 (121 of 643) copy 2   (255 of 643)-2 copy    I had a hard time picking a few pictures, without letting too many out of the bag.  Only for you Cassie, to one of my best buds.(461 of 643) copywatermarked   (563 of 643) copy 2 (497 of 643)-2 copy (508 of 643)-2 copy
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  1. LIZ!!! You are AMAZING!! I LOVE every single picture posted here! I can't WAIT to see the rest!! Thank you so much for taking our pictures! It was so much fun seeing you again! I remember those fun times when we were little, oh how I miss those days!!
    Love you!!

  2. I love the photos! You did a fantastic job! I also love your new photo blog, very nice.

  3. I love those silhouette photos! I totally want one for my bedroom...of me and Peter though.